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Pick Point Book 4

This page is being updated and I am still working on it. The cover has not yet been added. It is the same as the other covers with all the designs on it.


This is the latest book that I have done. It was finished in November 2008. There are easy designs and harder ones but that is not mentioned on the patterns. Some of the patterns take a while to do.  It is in the same format as the other books with 31 pages. There are diagrams to help in working the designs.

Book 1 designs
Book 2 designs
Book 3 designs

Beaded Book designs

If you would like to order this book, go to Book 1 Designs page where there is a link to the Regal Craft site who sell the books. These books are produced in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia on a home printer.

Photocopy the back page with the pattern you wish to sew, there would be up to six patterns on it and use the book for the instructions. 

3 Flowers


Wheel Barrow B

Vase of Flowers

Floral End

An Old Ship

Beaded Oval


Cute Pussy

Christmas Decoration



Filled in Blocks


Christmas Bauble

sequined peacock





stained Glass Window

Smiling Cat

Tudor Rose

Star Flower

Outlined Blocks

Maltese Cross


flower and Ribbon

Bauble B