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Pick Point Book 4

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Churches in the various areas are underlined.

Southern Churches
East Coast Churches
Bruny, King  and Flinders Island
Huon Area
The Channel Area


St. George's, Rosebery

Built in 1931 and free of debt in 1947. In 1950 it was reported in the Church news that it was to be extended.

In 2007 when this photo was taken it was not being used.It has possibly been sold.

St. Luke's, Zeehan

In 1890 the church was built and dedicated but it was not big enough so a new church was built of concrete. It was dedicated in 1909. It was in the parish of Zeehan and Rosebery

The church is no longer used and has probably been sold.

There is now a small meeting room set up for the church at the front of the church.

Photo taken in 2007


St. Martin's, Queenstown

Built in 1898 and extended in 1919. The porch was added in 1977.

Photo taken in 2007

Holy Trinity , Strahan

Prior to 1892 services were held in the Court House. The church was built in 1893 and was renovated in 1957 

St. James, Waratah

The church was opened in 1880. It was lit with electric light in 1889 and it is believed to be the first church in Tasmania and perhaps Australia to be lit with electricity.

It was repaired in 1895. The font is of Huon Pine.

In 1910 plans were made for a new church. (I am not sure if this is the new church or not)

Photo taken in 2007