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Northern churches

 The churches mentioned on these pages I have taken services in.

The information about them is from the book "Our Heritage of Anglican Churches in Tasmania" by Dorothea I. Henslowe. Plus some of my thoughts.

It is my aim to get as many photos of the chuches where I have preached in as I can. I have made a start.

Churches in the various areas are underlined.

Southern Churches
East Coast Churches
Bruny, King  and Flinders Island
Huon Area
The Channel Area


Church of the Good Shepherd, Hadspen

Commenced building in 1868 and stopped building when half done.1959 the work was recommenced to finish the blue stone church and was completed in 1961. Some of the furnishings and stained glass windows from Entally House Chapel were placed in the Church.
It was in the Carrick Parish but now in Launceston South Parish.

I have taken a service here since retiring.
St. James, Franklin Village

Was begun in 1844 and opened in 1845. This small stone church has a fireplace at one end. It was used as a school and the children paid a penny or thrippence a day. The Burial ground was consecrated in 1845. It was renovated and then consecrated in 1926.
It is now in the Launceston South Parish.

I have taken several services here since retiring.
Holy Trinity, Cressy

There was an earlier church in 1833-1844.
The present building began in 1857 and completed 1858. In 1894 the chancel, belfrey and porch were added. The church is of brick and wood.

I was in the Cressy Parish for six weeks
St. Barnabas, Newnham

This was in the parish of St. Georges, Launceston which is  now Launceston North. Was erected in 1905 as a weatherboard church. The chancel was added later in 1923.

A hall next to it was built in 1959 and is used for church functions and church services.    

I have taken a service here since retiring.


This church was in the St. George's, Invermay with Lilydale Parish but is now with the Launceston North Parish.

The church was begun in 1900



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