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Some Photos taken while on the tours

New Zealand
Cruise to Vanuatu

I travelled with Christian Fellowship Tours leaving for Darwin on 22nd August. It was 3 tours done consecutively from Darwin to Broome, Broome to Perth and Perth to Albany and back to Perth. The tour finished on 19th September

The Mall in Darwin.
While in Darwin we had a tour around the area and were free to look at the shops. Our meal that night was at Tim's Surf and Turf. Some had a swim at the Alatai Apartments where we stayed the night.

Florence Falls

We went to Wangi Falls, Tolmer Falls then on to Florence Falls which to me was more scenic. There were 100 steps to get to the falls so I did not go down. Some went for a swim at Florence falls.
Katherine Gorge

We had a cruise on the Katherine Gorge and on both sides the rock walls were rather high. There were a number of kayaks there. The Gorge is divided into several gorges and the boats could not get through them so we walked to the next gorge where we saw Aboriginal Paintings.
Lake Argyle

The yellow flower is the Kapoc Tree. We had a sunset cruise on Lake Argyle where we saw a number of Fresh water Crocodiles. The guide fed some Catfish which has been renamed to The Silver Cobler and some of the group went for a swim at sunset in the lake.
The Bungle Bungles

I flew over these in an aeroplane also in a helicopter. They were both a different kind of trip and I enjoyed them both. The Bungle Bungles look like beehives with a colour of tan and orange tones. I was fortunate to land on the Bungle Bungle airstrip to pick up a worker.
Packing up the tents

The tour was camping or in cabins. I chose the cabins. Here you can see someone doing the war dance at the end of the camping days. Most of those who camped enjoyed the experience.
The Prison Boab Tree

In the past this Boab was used to hold the prisoners in for an over night stay as they were being transported to another town. It is huge and would hold a lot of prisoners.
Having lunch

Our lunches were often under trees. We had to take our own crockery and cutlery and we certainly didn't starve. There was plenty of fruit and drinks. The kitchen was trailed behind the coach and the oven was at the rear of it. We would set up tables and take a stool to sit on then eat.
Waiting to feed the Dolphins

People lined up waiting to feed the dolphins at Monkey Mia. The water was very cold and some had been waiting for an hour. Notice the dolphin in the picture.Some of our group were fortunate to be able to feed a dolphin.
St Gertrude's at New Norcia

This used to be a girls school. We stayed the night here in a dormintory separated with curtains. There was a chapel in the building with beautiful stained glass window. New Norcia was established by monks.
The Gloucester Tree

The Gloucester Tree is too tall to put in a photo. It has 153 rungs to a lookout 61 metres from the ground. I went up seven rungs as I found the rungs were too spaced out for my little legs. Three of the group went to the top. They suffered the next day.
Fraser Avenue, Perth

Kings Park is a beautiful park with some magnificent views overlooking the city of Perth. I could not resist to take this photo as it is in Fraser Avenue and Fraser's Restaurant is also on Fraser Avenue.
The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles are in the Nambung National Park. They are lime stone surrounded by sand. Truly an amazing site to see.
It is me standing near a tall pinnacle.
Whale World

Whale world is in Albany and we had a tour of this amazing place. It is a museum of the whaling days.
We were fortunate to see the whales several times in the bay. From the top of a hill and again from the Boardwalk

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