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New Zealand was my third tour with the Christian Fellowship Tours.

Northern Territory and Western Australia
Canada and Alaska
Cruise to Vanuatu

After arriving in Aukland, the next day we made our way to The Bay of Islands. We saw Matakohe Kauri Museum at Otamatea.Then we went to the west coast and saw the mighty Kauri trees. We made our way to Paihia in the Bay of Islands.

The Hole in the Rock

We went on a catamaran for a cruise to The hole in the Rock. It was raining and rough and many were sea sick. Fortunately I was not one of them. On calm days the catamaran goes through the hole but not this day.
We began to make our way to Rotorua

A Hangi and A Moari Concert

This was really good. After seeing the performers do their thing,  they enlisted the audience to try some of the Maori items like twirling the poy. Some of our group participated in this and they created a lot of fun. 


Here one could sit on a stone and warm your bottom. Fences were around the geysers and mud pools as they were bubbling with the heat of them. The thermal area was interestingwith steam spouting out. We saw Thunder Crater, Devil's Ink Pots, Artists Palette and the Opal Pool. These were craters of various shapes and sizes and the colours of them were all different.

Moari Meeting House

This is a Moari meeting house near St. Faith's Church.

St. Faith's has a sand blasted window and if one was to kneel downn they would see Jesus walking on the water.

Lady Knox Geyser

This Geyser erupts every morning at 10.15am. How this happens is that the small cakes of soap that have been used are collected and it is thrown into the Geyser to make it erupt.

Napier the Art Deco capital

There were many Art Deco buildings in Napier.and this was just one of them. Art Deco is the form of architecture with square or round ornate pieces on the buildings.

Church of the Good Shepherd

This church is in the MacKenzie Basin and not far from it was the statue of the Mackenzie Dog.

The waters were lovely and blue.

Mount Cook in the background

This is me with Mount Cook in the background. I had a flight over Mount Cook and we landed on the mountain. We had our photo taken by the pilot but none of us bought the photo. I don't think he was very pleased.

The Kingston Flyer

This was a lovely steam train jouney which was unexpected. It went through some lovely countryside. Not all of us took the opportunity to travel on the train and the coach met us at the end of the journey.

Mirror Lakes

Mirror Lakes was wonderful. I took lots of photos and it is hard to tell the top from the bottom. The water was so clesr and still.

Fraser Beach

I couldn't resist this photo. It could have been my ancestors but I don't think so.

Akaroa Head Lighthouse

Akaroa was a lovely seaside town and had a few quaint shops. We spent a day here looking around. On the way back to Christchurch we came across a lovely cafe Little River Cafe. There were lots of things to entertain, stocks to put your head in, the tables and seats were pokerworked with names of towns and a map of Australia but they missed off Tasmania. There was even a rock forecaster.

Christchurch Cathedral

We had a day in Christchurch but not really impressed with the cathedral. Too commercial. No photos to be taken, chairs instead of pews, a souvenir shop, but we did not have to pay to use the loo.

Gondola Ride in Christchurch

The gondola ride on The Avon was good. We went under 3 bridges but all the bridges were built the same. The gardens were lovely.
We also went on a tram tour and the ticket was for 2 days so in the morning we had another ride on the tram as we didn't need to be at the airport until 1.30pm.
It was a lovely tour.

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