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When ever I go on a tour I take an exercise book, pen and Scissors.  Collect leaflets on the area and write a diary. Paste pictures about the area then it is a wonderful memento of the tour. I type the diary out for the family and put my photos in it and this is given at Christmas time.

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Northern Territory and Western Australia
Cruise to Vanuatu
New Zealand

This tour of Canada and Alaska was with the Christian Fellowship Tours in British Columbia. We flew to Vancouver and had the first day to ourselves.

Butchart Gardens

After a tour around Vancouver, we caught the ferry to Vancouver Island and we went to Butchart Gardens which was truly beautiful. There were fountains that changed every few minutes. A variety of flowers and shrubs and Tulips of all different colours.
We then made our way to Victoria which is the capital of British Columbia. We had a free day in Victoria where we visited the museum and had a ride in a horse and cart amongst other things.

The next day we left the Island and started our tour of British Columbia.

Lots of Snow

We were travelling at the time when the snow began to thaw so there was a lot of snow around.This was one of our morning tea stops

Banff Springs Hotel

Banff Hotel was the first railway hotel. It was built to cater for the train travellers.

Snow on the mountains

This photo was taken from a helicopter. It was a good ride. It shows the ruggedness of the mountains. 

Lake Louise

The lake was still frozen. The Hotel was lavish and huge. We did not stay at the hotel but had a look around. I had my photo taken in the swimming pool which was all frozen over.

Snow Bus

The snow bus took us to the Columbian Ice Fields. Apparrently the road the bus travels on to the Athabasca Glacier is changed often. They were huge buses and I sat on the wheel for a photo. 

The Rocky Mountaineer journey

The train journey was from Kamloops to Jasper, an overnight stay in an hotel then from Jasper to Vancouver.We saw a black bear, lake with reflections, mountains, waterfalls and lots of tree.

Blackcomb Mountain at Whistler

On our way to Whistler we stopped for a photo of Shannon Falls. Truly a spectacular sight.
We went up Blackcomb Mountain on the gondola and on the way saw a black bear. People were snow boarding, skiing and even riding their bikes down the snow slopes.

"The Infinity"

The Infinity was the ship we went to Alaska in from Vancouver. There was ample food, plenty of entertainment, beds turned down with a chocolate on the pillow and the newsletter for the next day. We had our own dteward who looked after our needs. There were three ports of call - Juneau,Skagway and Ketchikan

Flower Towers - Juneau

I did a tour around Juneau visiting the museum, Salmon Hatchery, Mendenhall Glacier then to the Glacier Gardens.
There once was an avelanche and trees were uprooted. These trees were replanted upside down and then planted Petunias and other flowers in the top. We went up the mountain 600 metres in a golf buggy and the view was magnificient. The owner had created these gardens himself.

Red Dog Saloon - Juneau

This pub was amazing. Tickets from all over the world placed around the posts. A stuffed bear chasing a man up a pole but not quite catching him. It was like something out of the movies.

Hubbard Glacier

We went as far as the Hubbard Glacier. Ice was in the water where it had broken away from the Glacier. a sight I will probably never see again.


Skagway - Australia in the snow

I went on the vintage train trip the White Pass and Yukon Route. It was very scenic and good. Saw Australia embossed with snow(couldn't resist that photo).The carriages were named after famous people and we chose Fraser carriage. We passed the Gold Rush Cemetery, went over historic bridges, saw waterfalls and went through tunnels. If you go there don't miss this trip!

We went on to Ketchikan but no room to put any photos up.

Honolulu - Pearl Harbour

On our way home we had a stopover at Honolulu. I did half a day tour of the Island and this took in a visit to Diamond Head which is a crater. We were in it. On Tandalous Lookout one could see the crater. We watched a parade which honoured the king. To me it was too long between each person parading.

The next day did a tour of Pearl Harbour.This was a memorial to those who lost their lives on the S.S.Arizona in 1941. The only way to get to the memorial was to watch a film about it and then a boat took one to the memorial.

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