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The Spirit of Tasmania

This ship was loading for a trip to Tasmania. It was raining when we left for our cruise to Vanuatu on the Pacific Princess. It was the Beachcomber Bliss Cruise. 16 th Jan - 27th Jan 2004
I travelled with four friends Charlie and Robyn and Graeme and Diane. The second night was rather rough and many were seasick. Luckily I am a good traveller.

One of the crafts offered

Here I am painting a T shirt with sea shells. Quilling, Leather work, and bead Ear rings were the other crafts. Crosswords, golf, line dancing, entertainment each night,  games, Gymnasium, walking track, seminars on various things and lounging around in deck chairs. There was no need to be bored on the cruise.

Divine Island

The first Port of call was at Poum but I went on to Devine Island. Tenders (Life boats) were loaded with people to take them ashore. There were dancers to welcome us and stalls with Island cultural goods. It was a good place for a swim and one would not sink.

Decorated food on show

There was plenty of decorated foods on display and different themes for each day. If we went off the ship we always came back for lunch as were were told not to eat anything from the Islands

Wala Band

This was an inaugural visit by the ship. Greetings were exchanged between the head of the community and the captain of the ship. We were given a guided tour with one person for about 10 people. The guides came from various small Islands around. They explained how they used some of the plants and we saw many dances which explained their culture. The tour we had was free and if the ship's company had of known that we would have been charged. Donations were received by the people.

The Pacific Princess

This is our ship where we had to catch the tenders to it as the ports were not suitable to moor at. Jetties were not big enough.

Million Dollar Point

Louganville 3rd Port of call. We had a tour to The Million Dollar Point called because all the American Army equipment of the 2nd world war was left here to rust away. Some of the buildings are still in use. For the afternoon we organised a private tour which took us around the island.

W.W.2 plane wreck

This is what we saw on our private tour. Where this is seen we also had a swim and a ride on a canoe. We paid the owner of the property a little money.

100 year old Coconut Plantation

This plantation was 100 years old and we were taken to see how the coconuts were fired in the kilns. Coconuts are important to the community and there were several plantations but not as old as this one.

Port Vila - Capital of Vanuatu

Port Vila the capital city of Vanuatu was the fourth port of call. I had a helicopter ride and we flew over the Pacific Princess

Kiririki Island

We had a lovely cool drink here on this Island. TV shows often have this Island as a prize. This is the group of people I went with and another couple we met that day.

Kiririki Island

We also had a swim and the beach was stoney. I wore my aqua socks for the first time. They were good. We were back on board by 4.30 and set sail to music and dancing at 5.45pm

Emedee Island

We sailed the Havannah - Boulari Passage which was good as there were many Islands to see.
Emedee Island is a marine reserve. The Lighthouse was built in Paris in 1862 and shipped in prefabricated panels to the colony of New Caledonia. It is 53 metres in height and it serves as a guide for seafarers.

Arriving back in Sydney

We arrived back in Sydney early in the morning. We waited till we were called for disembarkation. It was according to a colour. Those who had transport to catch went first. I left my hat on the ship so lost that.

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