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Pick Point is the art of pricking out a design and sewing it with fancy cottons. Stitches used are straight, woven, criss crossed, or backstitch . Threads used are  Metallic, embroidery, machine embroidery  (use double) as long as it goes in the needle it is suitable to use.
It is rather a cheap and useful craft as the cards can be given away and once you have the threads they last a long time.
I have done 5 books with easy to difficult designs, covering all kinds of occasions.
Each book is in the format of A4 size with the patterns for pricking out in the back for you to photo copy. All the patterns are on the covers. This gives about 5 patterns on the one page. They have a clear plastic cover to protect them and have a wire spiral spine.
The designs in each book can be seen by clicking on the name of the book.
Books 1 - 4 are $16 and the Beaded Designs are $14 

Book 1 designs
Book 2 designs
Book 3 designs

Book 4 designs on a separate page

Beaded Book designs

 Please email me for information about the books

Book 1 designs

Book 1 Back

Book 2 designs

Book 2 Back

Book 3designs

Book 3 Back

Beaded Designs

Beaded Designs Back

Book 4 Designs

Book 4 Back

To purchase the books

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