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Some snippets from our Newsletter
At the Annual General meeting in 2007 a new President was elected for the Tasmanian Branch. Miss Elvie Fraser and Mr. Trevor Holton became the Vice President.

The Clan Barbecue

The picture on the left is Trevor Holton and Leo Minol and John Bolton cooking our chops at the annual clan barbecue which is held on the last Saturday in February each year.
members of other branches would be most welcome to join us if you happen to be in Tasmania. In 2006 the date for the barbecue is 25th February and we meet at 12 O'clock

The picture below is the group at our Barbecue. Eileen, Jenny, Trevor, Alma,John, Derek and Leo. Seated on the rug is Denice, Julia and Laura. Elvie took the photo.

Family History Faire

The Family History Faire is held at Westbury in August every two years and we go when we can and have a stall there. It is a colourful  display . We display lots of Clan Fraser pictures, tartans,  Names of who can belong to the clan and we sold  other things like Real Frasers and Friendly Frasers (old wooden reels of cotton dress in tartan)  in 2008 we went to the St Andrews Highland games for the first time and this is held at Richmond. We plan to attend each year whn possible. So far we have been able to do that.

The Highland games are held around 14th February on the Sunday and is held on the Village Green 

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