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If you have or descend from one of these names you can belong to Clan Fraser Society.
Bisset, Brewster, Cowie, Frazer, Frizell, Frew, Macgruer, MacKim, MacKimmie, MacSimon, MacTavish, Oliver, Sim, Simon, Symons, Simpson, Sims, Syme, Twaddle, Tweedie. (There could be other spellings of these names.)

Saltoun Crest
The Saltoun Badge is a strawberry plant on a mound and the motto is "All my hope is in God".
Cairnbulg Castle, the home of the chiefs is located near Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire.
  Clan Fraser is a world wide organisation.
Scotland and United Kingdom, Canada, America and the Australian States of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania all have branches of the Society.

The Patron of the Society is Mrs. Flora Marjory Fraser, 20th Lady Saltoun of Scotland.
Australia has a Commissioner who is Mr. Don Chitts.
The Australian quarterly newsletter is called
"Strawberry Leaves"
and the Tasmanian Newsletter is "Tassie Tales" We have a newsletter about a month before a functon

Tartans of the Clan.

"There is a hunting tartan which has a brown ground and is usually worn during the day, and dress Fraser has a red ground, and is for evening wear. Hunting Fraser may be worn in the evening for informal occasions, but it is usual to wear dress Fraser during the day. There are various versions of these, but rarer versions are not commonly obtainable, so no one need worry unduly when buying tartan".(from Clan Fraser by Flora Marjory Fraser)

News from Tasmania

The Tasmanian branch is not a large group so we do not have many meetings. We have 3 functions a year. We have a barbecue later in the year and the last few years it has been held at Oatland at The Drover's Hut. We attend the Highland Gathering on the 3rd Sunday in Februarty at Richmond and the only meeting is the Annual General Meeting. You can see we are not a busy organisation but we do have a lot of fun when we meet.

The Secretary/Treasurer is Mrs. Denice Walter of 34 Hillborough Road, South Hobart.
Our President is Miss Elvie Fraser

Vice President is Mr. Trevor Holton
The Newsletter editor is Elvie Fraser

To Clan Fraser - Australia

Lovat Crest
The Lovat badge is a buck's head with the motto "Je Suis Prest," old French for "I am ready"
The plant badge is Yew, The pipe music is Lovat's March. The war cry "Caisteal Dhuni" refers to Castle Dounie

The Tamar River at the Tail Race Park
A lot of activity happens on the river. Here is a boat being launched

Some emails if you are interested
Australian Clan Fraser Society

New Zealand - Allistair Fraser
Scotland and the U.K. - Graeme Fraser

In Australia the contacts are
Clan Fraser -Judy Fraser-Byass
Victoria - Mr. Don Chitts
Tasmania - Elvie Fraser
Queensland - Lorraine Fraser

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