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I have nine famous ancestors as far as I know. 
In Australia if one has a convict in the family it is thought to be great. We are fortunate (or unfortunate) as we have 9 convicts mostly on my mother's side.
The Famous Convicts are -
Mary Butler was tried in 1787 for stealing and being a prostitute. She died on Norfolk Island.
James Jordan (alias Sheridan) was sentenced in Dublin to 7 years transportation in 1789. Spent time on Norfolk Island as a pilot then came to Norfolk Plains Longford ares) with his children after Mary had died.
Timothy Quinn was tried in 1807 at the Old Baily and found guilty of burglary. Timothy and Rachael had 3 children and lived at Breadlebane near Launceston.
Rachael Wright was tried in Edinburgh, Scotland and sentenced to life for kidnapping a young child Flora Ames, the daughter of the Glasgow shoemaker in 1808.
William Taylor was caught for stealing from a dwelling house. He was tried in Middlesex in 1827. He went to live at George Town and reared 15 children.
William Floyd was tried at Hereford Court in 1828 for house breaking.
John Pugh was tried in 1930 at Denbigh for sheep stealing.
Thomas Webb and Sarah Smith-Hopkins are the latest to be found but more research is being done on them.
I was told Henry Fraser was a convict but have not proved this as yet. If he is that will make ten.
They were all a great bunch of people with various crimes and on the whole did not stop there. When they came to Tasmania they still got into strife as Timothy and Rachael were always drunk. some of them made good. Most of our convicts have a brick at Campbelltown on the Convict Trail which is on the main street startng from the Red Bridge.
Some of these I don't know much about and others have a fair amount of history. The names that I am descended from are - Davies, Floyd, Fraser, Grace, Maton, Harmon, Jordan, McCarty, Palmer, Pugh, Quinn, Taylor, Weavell, Webb, and Wright.

The ones I don't know much about are McCarty, Davies,  Webb,  Quinn, and Wright 

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Elvie Fraser

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