Our State is very progressive.

 We have some of the National Firsts.

Here are some of them.


1886 the first underground sewerage system in Australia

1891 The first Art Society established

1895 The first city in the Southern hemisphere lit by Hydro Power

1920 The first laminated tennis racket

1932 The first major airline – Ansett was founded

1948 The first woman elected to Legislative Council – Launceston’s Margaret McIntyre

1949 First o use of the two-way radio in the control of taxis

1975 First mall constructed

1983 First authentic Scottish tartan produced

1994 the first woman president of the Uniting Church of Australia was Mrs. Jill Tabart.

1998 First in the world – breeding of sea horses in captivity.

1999 First multi-media laboratory established by Telstra.

2005 A computer program to help with conveyancing for homes.

2006 January 1st smoking prohibited in hotels, restaurants and public places

2006- The first state to hold Parliament outside the capital city. Our parliament is usually held in Hobart but on 17th-19th October 2006 it was held in Launceston at a cost of $160,000. This was to celebrate the 150 years of Launceston.

1st to have daylight saving. It was brought in during the war and then taken away but brought back again in recent years.

  First State to have a casino. Wrest Point in Hobart was the first.

Other inventions are -The humidicrib, the portable sheep yards, Defender Pellets, and Seasol organic seaweed






Some of our Annual events


Australia Day, 26th January Harveydale Rodeo. This has been going for over 25 years. For those who like rodeos it is a good day. There is a replica of an old bush hut and they have stalls there.


Tasmania Day 5th February. Communities around the state have special events and they often choose a member for an award. One person is named the Tasmanian of the year.


Three Peaks Race. This is held at Easter time commencing on Good Friday at Beauty Point in the North. They sail to Lady Baron on Flinders Island, two people run 69 Kilometers up Mt Strzlecki and back to the boat, They then set sail for Coles Bay and two run up the Hazards. The final sail is to Hobart and they run up Mt Wellington. No motors are allowed so they have bicycles attached on the deck to get extra power if needed. Competitors come from other countries as well as Australia. This race is based on one that is held in Scotland.


St. Patrick’s Day Festival – This is held at Westbury on the nearest weekend to 17th March.

They have dancing, open air event, a night of telling jokes and other Irish events.


Targa – This is usually about April. This is a car race around Tasmania. We have famous Australians taking part and it features different sections to start the race each year.


Agfest – This is held on the first Thursday to the Sunday in May. This began in 1983 with 103 exhibitors. It now has over 500 exhibitors. It is an agricultural show run by the volunteers of Rural Youth of Tasmania. Apart from all kinds of agricultural displays there are 122 craft exhibitors ranging from porcelain dolls, teddy bears, pottery, timber crafts, cottage crafts clothing and herbs all are a unique product.


Sheffield’s Mt Roland Folklore Festival – Held in the middle of May. People dress up in olden day costumes. They have a parade which incorporates historic scenes enacted by people on horseback. They also have exhibitions, street theatre and bush music. Sheffield is known as the Town of murals, as there are many murals around the town depicting scenes of the area.


Westbury Historical Faire – This is held on the last Saturday in August. The first was held in 1999 and it was so successful that it has now become a bi annual event. There are many stalls from the local history groups from all over Tasmania, Clan Fraser had a stall and some of the others were about preserving photos, people promoting their own family tree books Photo framing and lots of other stalls.


Deloraine Working Craft Fare – Held over the weekend which ends on the First Monday in November. (It is a northern long weekend) It is the largest working craft fair in Australia and people come from various States of Australia to display and sell their wares.


Melbourne Cup Parties – Held on the first Tuesday in November. Although the Melbourne Cup is run in Melbourne, Victoria. All work ceases when the cup is run. Many places hold cup parties and the women get dressed up.


Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race – The race begins in Sydney on Boxing Day and finishes with a big party in Hobart. It could be 3 days after the race starts or a week but on New Years Day is the big party. Bass Straight is known as being one of the roughest waterways in the world and in 1998 three lives were lost in the race because it was so rough.


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