Churches I have Preached in.

During my ministry I moved around and worshipped in many churches. This is a list of the churches that I have taken a service in. This must be a record 78 churches. Some of the churches are no longer used now while some of them are now in a different Parish.

Altogether I have preached in 85 churches, this includes the ones since retirement.

nu (not used now) nt (not there any more) (su) seldom used


Bruny Island

St. Markís, Dennes Point (nt) ; St. Peterís, Barnes Bay; St. Paulís, Adventure

Bay; St. Michael and All Angels, Lunawanna (nt)


Holy Trinity, Ridgely; (nu) St. Wilfredís, Terrylands (nt)


Holy Trinity, Cressy; Pisa; (nu)


St. Albanís, Parkham; Holy Cross, Elizabeth Town; St. Saviourís, Meander;

Church of the Good Shepherd, Chudleigh; (nu) St. Columbaís, Mole Creek; (nt) All Saintís Dairy Plains;


Christ Church, Cullenswood;(nu) Holy Trinity, St. Marys; St. Georgeís,

Mathinna; Church of the Good Shepherd, Cornwall; (nt)

Flinders Island

St. Albanís, White Mark; St. Barnabas, Lady Barron; St. Johnís Emita; (nu)

Church of Epiphany, Cape Barren Island. (su)


St. Johnís, Franklin; St. Lukeís, Judbury; St. Andrewís, Mountain River;(nt)


St. Peterís, Geeveston; St. Paulís, Dover


St. Augustineís, Macquarie Plains; St. Maryís, Gretna; St. James, Plenty;

St. Johnís, Ouse; St. Andrewís, Ellendale; St. Boniface, Maydena.

King Island

All Saint, Currie; Grassy


St Clements, Kingston; St. Peterís, Blackmans Bay; All Saintís, Margate; (nu)

St. Johnís, Snug; Church of the Holy Spirit, Kettering; (nu) St. Simon and St. Jude,

Woodbridge; St. Lukeís, Sandfly.

Launceston North

St. Andrewís, Lebrina; Church of the Ascension, Lilydale; St. Barnabas,

Newnham; St. Matthiasí, Windermere.

New Norfolk



St Peterís, Oatlands;St Oswaldís, Tunbridge; St. John the Evangelist, Lower Marshes; (nu) St. James,

Jericho; (nu) St.Maryís, Baden; St. Georgeís, Parattah; (nu)


St. Martinís, Queenstown; Holy Trinity, Strahan


St. Stephenís, Smithton; St. Georgeís, Montagu; (nu) St. Michael and All

Angelsí, Roger River; St. Johnís, Redpa, (nu) St. Oswaldís, Marrawah

South Hobart

St. Raphaelís, Fern Tree


St. Paulís

St. Helens

St. Paulís, St Helens; Falmouth; St. Michael and All Angels, Pyengana.


Bicheno; All Saintsí, Swansea; St. Stephens, (Uniting Church) Swansea;

Cranbrook (Uniting Church)


All Saints, Forth, Ulverstone


St Michael and All Angels, Orford;


St. Lukeís, Zeehan; St. Georgeís, Rosebery; St. Andrewís, Tullah; (nt) St.

Jamesí, Waratah; Savage River Community Church. (nt)


Since Retirement


St. Johnís, Devonport


All Saintís, Ravenswood;


St. Barnabasí, Scottsdale; St. Johnís Branxholm.

Launceston South

St, James, Franklin Village; Church of the Good Shepherd, Hadspen

Launceston General Hospital

Chapel of St Paul