Families that Descend from Henry Fraser

and are related to them


A.B. Aitken, Anderson, Angell, Barker, Bennett, Brown, Buckle, Burns.

C.D.Cameron, Caple, Chenery, Coe, Cooper, Cotterill, Cox, Davies, Dower, Drake.

E.F. Eastwell, Evans, Ferguson, Fox, Fraser.

G.H.Glover, Goodchild, Goodwin, Grace, Graham, Grentell, Hainsworth, Holton, Howell, Howie.

I.J.  Izzard, Johnson, Johnson, Jordan.

K.L. Kable, Kane, Kelty, Knight, Koeleman, Laird, Legg, Leopold, Lerm, Lette.

M.  Mackay, Mann, Martin, Matchett, McCarron, McGovern, Meridith, Migga, Minimum, Moss, Mullins.

N.O.Neville Norman, Oysten.

P.Q. Palmer, Pauley, Phillips, Quinn.

R.S. Robinson, Spink, Stephens, Suckling, Sutcliffe.

T.W.Tate, Taylor, Tew, Thorston, Timms, Weavell, Webster, Weir, Wenham, Wheeler, White, Wilson, Wyett.

Y.Z. Young, Zazoniuk.


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