Names connected with William Floyd Decendants

A. Alexander, Annear, Anniwell, Arnott, Austin, Austin,  Ayton,

B. Barnes, Bassett, Bates, Battistin, Beaumont, Begbie,  Bishop,  Blake, Bohme, Borresen, Boyle, Bradshaw,  Brakey, Brill, Broomhall, Budgeon, Burgess-McLean,

C. Casey, Chapham, Clarke, Clay, Cook, Coome, Cornell, Cundari, Cunningham,

D. E. Davies, Dean, Deforest, Dishington, Down, Dunn, Dupas, Edwards, Emmett,

F.Fawdry, Feuter, Floyd,  Forbes, Fratangelo, Fraser, Freeland, Frey, Fuller,

G.H. Gardner, Gleeson, Gray, Gray, Harris, Heald, Higgins, Hill, Holgrave, Howard, Hughes, Hunt

I.J. Ion, Jacques, Johnson, Jones,

K.L. Keep, Kesper,  King, King, Knox, Lane, Lay, Leitch, Locke, Lodge,

M. Macken, Marcocci, Masters, McBride, McConnell, McCoy, McHenry,McInnes,

McKay, McKay, McKenzie, McLoud, McPherson,  Metcalf,  Morris,

O. O’Brien, O’Donohue, O’Hare, O’Shea, O’Sullivan, Oakley, Older,

P. Petrelli, Pettenon, Pope, Porte, Porteous, Pross, Purdon,

R. Rattenbury, Reid, Reynolds, Robertson, Robinson, Ruigrok,  Russell,  Rybarczyh,

S. Saunders, Schell, Schroeder, Sharp, Shaw, Shearwood, Smith, Spotswood, Stewart,

T. Tatnel, Taylor, Thompson, Tonkin,

W.Walker,  Walters, Watson, Webb, Welham, Wheels, Whittaker,  Williamson, Wilson, Wood, Young,


This page does not include all the Fraser Names. There is a separate page for them.


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