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Once upon a time people would think it a shame when they found one of their ancestors had committed a crim. Nothing would be mentioned about the person. But now adays everyone doing their family tree is thrilled when they find a “skeleton in the cupboard”. It is great news.


We have seven famous convict ancestors as far as we know


In Australia if one has a convict or two in the family it is thought to be great. We are very fortunate (or unfortunate) as we have seven convicts mostly on my mother’s side.

Mary Butler was tried in 1787 for stealing and being a prostitute.

James Jordan (alias Sheridan) was sentenced in Dublin to 7 years transportation in 1789.

Timothy Quinn (Quenn) was tried in 1807 at the Old Bailey and found guilty of burglary.

Rachael Wright was tried in Edinburgh, Scotland and sentenced to life for kidnapping a young child Flora Ames, the daughter of a Glasgow shoemaker about 1808.

William Taylor was caught for stealing from a dwelling house. He was tried at Middlesex in 1827

William Floyd was tried at Hereford in 1828 for house breaking.

John Pugh was tried in Denbigh for sheep steeling.


They were a great bunch of people with various crimes and on the whole did not stop there. When they came to Tasmania they still got into strife. Rachael was always drunk. Some of them made good as did James Jordan and William Taylor


The Family Tree

(Our ancestor is written in red)

John Cox and Mary Unknown had a daughter Betty


Betty Cox (1745 abt) and Joseph Allen (1740 abt) had 6 children.

Sarah, Joseph, Joseph, John, William and Henry.


Joseph Allen (1780 and Mary O’Brien (1791) had 10 children

Mary Ann, Henry, Joseph, James, Frances, and 5 unknown children.


William Taylor (1806)  and Mary Ann Allen (1825) had 15 children

Matilda, Mary, William, Lucy, Henry, Joseph, Susannah, George, Frances, James, John, Allen, Charles, Sarah and Alice.


James Jordan (1765) and Mary Butler (1772) had 5 children

Richard, Catherine, James, Thomas, and John


Timothy Quinn (1790) and Rachael Wright (1794) had 3 children.

Jane, Frances, and Joannas (John)


John Jordan (1809) and Frances Quinn (1870) had 17 children

James, Rosetta, Louisa, John, Henry, William, Caroline, Jane, Catherine, Frances, Edward, Joseph, Mary, Richard, Clarence, Tasman, and Albert.


John Weavell (1771) and Maria Harrod (1770) had 6 children.

Mary, John, Eleanor, Thomas, James and Edwin.


Edwin Weavell (1798) and Celia Mc Carty (1805) had 7 children

James, Maria, Celia, Henry, John, Edwin and Mary.


William Floyd (1791) and Mary Davies (1818) had 10 children.

William, Louisa, John, Charles, Mary, George, George, Thomas, James, and John.


Edwin Samuel Weavell (1836) and Louisa Floyd (1850) had 11 children.

William, Celia, Louisa, (our grandmother) Maria, Charles, Edwin, Mary, Melvinia, Lilian, Rose and John.


John Pugh (1810) and Elizabeth Webb (1825 abt.) had 14 children.

Jane, Rebecca, John, Eliza, Charles, Charlotte, Harriett, Lavinia, William, Esther, Martha, Albert, William and Francis.


James Jordan (1834) and Rebecca Pugh (1845) had 13 children.

Louisa, Alice, Eliza, Arthur, Frances, John, Clarence (our grandfather), Walter, Albert, Ernest, William, and Francis.


William Grace (1817) and Ann Harman had 9 children.

Keziah, Frederick, Mary, Jane, Ambersine, William, Noah, Sophie, and Emily.


Henry Fraser (1820 abt) and Keziah Ion nee Grace (1839) had 11 children.

Theodore, John, Christopher and Maria Ion, Henry, David, Archibald Noah (our  Grand Father), Ernest, Ethel, and Ella.


William Taylor (1845) and Mary Ann Palmer (1856) had 6 children.

Matilda, William, Wilhelmina (Our Grandmother), Violet, Lucy and Henry.


Archibald Noah Fraser (1873) and Louisa Weavell (1872) had 11 children.

Christopher, Clyde, Edwin, (our Father), Vera, David, John, Ernest, Eva, Arthur, Harold and Ruby.


Clarence Jordan (1873) and Wilhelmina Taylor (1883) had 3 children.

Terrence, Alma (Our mother), and Ella.


Our Up To Date Family

Our parents were Edwin Gordon Roy Fraser and Alma May Jordan.

 There are seven of us. Alma, Kevin, Elvie, Pat (fostered) Eileen, Pauline and David.


Alma, Kevin, Pat, Eileen and Pauline are married with children,


Alma, Kevin, Pat and Pauline have grand children.


Kevin has Great grand children.